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Geolocating Images using Plug Sockets

How to geolocate an image using plug sockets

How Plug Sockets Can Help you Geolocate an Image

Can you tell me where the picture below was taken without doing a reverse image search?

Neither can I. But I can narrow it down to either the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Liberia, the Philippines, or Japan. Admittedly this is still quite a wide area, but significantly smaller than the entire world.

How can I do this so quickly? Simply by analysing the plug sockets and looking up which countries use that particular model.

Being able to identify which countries use plug sockets visible in an image will allow you to narrow down the possible locations that image was taken in.

This article will show you the plug sockets in use across the world, and which countries use each type.

Plug Types and the Countries which use them


  • Red – A & B

  • Navy Blue – C, E, & F

  • Brown – D

  • Sea Green – G

  • Pink (Israel) – C & H

  • Yellow – I

  • Black – C & J

  • Orange – C & L

  • Purple – M

  • Sky Blue – N

  • Lime Green (Thailand) – C & O

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