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"Timely, consistent, and easily digestible analysis." Philip Ingram MBE

What People Are Saying

“Mainstream media's coverage of foreign affairs is often poor, confused and overly emotive; the OSINTSUM cuts through the noise and gives me diptel-quality top lines on global geopolitics. Saves me time and frustration.”

Sam HoggFounder and editor of Beijing to Britain

“I need an open source intelligence feed that is timely, consistent, easily digestible and in a clear and useable format. OSINT Ltd’s OSINTSUM does this with clear sound analysis that helps me frame my own assessments when needed. I highly recommend this product.”

Philip Ingram MBESky News commentator and former British Military Intelligence Colonel

“The OSINTSUM newsletter is an exceptional resource for staying updated on world events. It is well-organised, concise, and keeps me informed about areas of the world that often lack media coverage.”

Christopher SolomonInternational affairs analyst, editor, and author of In Search of Greater Syria

“A valuable source of information around the world that is easy to read, succinct, and helpful to understand global and local trends in geopolitics”

Aidana AkessinaSenior research fellow at Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies

“The Osintsum provides a curated summary with the right balance of breadth and depth for the political risk or global affairs professional who needs more than a simple news aggregator with disparate headlines. Move it to the top of your inbox and keep it there.”

Scott R. SilerFounder of Exergy International and Adjunct Professor at Elliot School of International Affairs

“For scholars, practitioners, or even those who simply like to stay politically aware, Osintsum is a great index of global events. It’s timely as the world turns, but not so frequent that it feels spammy. It’s organized and scalable for those who want just the topline or for those who want to go down hyperlink rabbit holes. The analysis is objective and crisp.”

Kerry ChávezResearch fellow at Modern War Institute at West Point

“The OSINTSUM offers a timely overview of global events which have the potential to materially impact my existing and future portfolio balance. It helps me maintain my key situational awareness of countries, regions and issues that can be neglected by other geopolitical risk reports arriving in my inbox.”

Peter JenkinsHead of Political and Credit Insurance at a major Lloyd’s of London Insurer

“My International Relations research requires that I remain up-to-date with the current affairs around the globe, yet I lack the time to scan over numerous news sources to find the relevant headlines, never mind to explore the analysis of those headlines too. The OSINTSUM newsletter provides the ideal solution: a comprehensive yet concise update on significant geopolitical current affairs, complete with analyst comments, right in my email inbox.”

Daniel TateRhodes Scholar & PhD Candidate at the University of Oxford

“It is practically impossible to monitor all global events for analysis, which is why OSINTSUM is an absolutely invaluable tool. This newsletter significantly helps in tracking and monitoring important events that are impactful for clients.”

Treston WheatPhD (Intelligence Research Specialist, Insight Forward)

“I receive a large number of geopolitics newsletters every day which I have limited time to read and the OSINTSUM stands out as the one which I can rely on to give me a comprehensive summary in a short space of time.”

OSINTSUM ReaderSenior analyst at a geopolitical intelligence agency

“As an intelligence analyst focusing on Latin America I find the OSINTSUM useful for monitoring both the regional and wider geopolitical picture.”

OSINTSUM ReaderAnalyst at a risk intelligence agency

“The product serves as an illuminating standpoint and introduction into contemporary affairs.”

OSINTSUM ReaderPolitical risk analyst for a trade credit brokerage